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The problem with mediocrity

For years I’ve been saying to people around me that the worst situation a company or a team can face is the “good enough” one, where things are not bad to the point everything must change and are not good to the point everybody really enjoy it and thus everybody actually make some effort to understand what is correct in order to keep things this way.

In this scenario (not too bad, not too good), the usual immediate result is stagnation in mediocrity while in the long run what happens is that the company or the team is totally trapped inside its own mediocrity and no effort but a total rebuild of both team and software can “save” them - what is the same as saying extinction of both, right?

And when a good developer joins a mediocre team to help improve the mediocre software of them, after some time he/her begins to see the patent mediocrity of everything and, after that, the immense ammount of energy, both in time and in politics (because most developers and managers must be fired altogether), and the result is one of both options: he/her embraces mediocrity and lives in pain of he/her leaves the company to never come back.

The solution, as I said before, is actually no solution at all: it’s dissolution. It must start all over again with different people (better people) and it is seldom the case that Management has the guts to do that.

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