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What happened to Medium?

Feeling tired of the same old bullshit from LinkedIn and the ever-changing nature of Twitter, I thought with myself “well, maybe I could use the time I waste with these things to read some articles” and then, boom!, I realized how disapointingly abhorent Medium has become in the last few years.

Burning sky

Medium used to be a place to get lost, where one article would follow another until it’s too late at night but wait it’s only one more and then I’ll go to sleep this time it’s true I swear. There was some kind of special quality about Medium articles that now I feel are simply lost in the sea of uninspiration. You’ll struggle to find something really good nowadays and even then all the recommendations are going to be paid articles and who the hell are going to pay to read articles, right?

Maybe it was the corporations. Maybe it was the how-to-monetize-your-blog people. I don’t know. The paywall is a big factor in this, though, and I see the refusal to display “traditional advertisement” as something dumb, because of course there will always be advertisement, but with “banners” at least they tend to concentrate in the same spots while prohibiting that makes the whole thing spread all over the place, in the end of the day, and then half of the content is simply advertisement in disguise.

What a shame. I used to like the place (despite the patronizing attitude from its owners)…

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