Gutenborg is a client for GutenSites.

Download it now (it's only 6.4KB).


Example GutenSite



+ Test GutenSite
+- About GutenBorg mode
+-- Variable width fonts
| This is a simple test. This line, you see, should
| be displayed in variable width fonts and should  not be broken
| in  multiple lines except when
| needed.

But these lines
should be displayed in fixed width

+-- Inline images
[I|A beautiful inline image|img/separator.jpg|server|port]

| Very nice huh? And, at the same time, it's all pretty
| compatible with any other Gopher client.

+-- Richer text formatting
| We **should** be able to express at least the very
| basic, like *italic* or even ~~overstrike text~~.
| And **bold 1**, **bold 2** and **bold 3** should be **all bold**.

Run it

(We are using geomyidae, here, as a local Gopher server.).

$ geomyidae -d -e -b $PWD -p 7070 &
$ gutenborg localhost:7070


Well-known standard and toolset

Gutenborg is not trying to reinvent the wheel, but instead relies on well-known standard, Gopher, and is compatible with any common Gopher server out there. Nothing special must be done by system administrators to support the Gutenborg Protocol or serve GutenSites via their Gopher servers since it is not only fully compatible but also aims to display content nicely even on text-mode-only Gopher clients.

Gutenborg was created by Cl├ęber Zavadniak and is released without any license. I don't really care what you do with it.

If you want, you can read our Code of Conduct